Terms of use

Before using the ‘Subscription’ service provided by the APP, please read the following terms carefully: 

1, Subscription model 

This service is a subscription-based paid service, which means you Advance subscription fees for future subscription use. Currently, you can choose to use the service on a monthly or yearly basis. At the end of each subscription cycle, your subscription will automatically renew by default, unless you cancel the automatic renewal yourself, or we cancel the service. 

2, Fees 

Current standard service prices may change during the promotion period. When price adjustments occur, new fees will occur during your next subscription cycle. 

3, Refund 

The current subscription fee will not be refunded. Please be sure to cancel the service yourself before the trial ends. 

4, Cancel subscription 

If you want to cancel the renewal, please cancel at least 24 hours in advance. You can cancel by the following methods: open the system settings-click Apple ID-click subscribe-select APP, cancel the subscription 

5, Other 

the same Apple ID can only open a subscription for APP

Contact us 

If you have any questions about these Terms of Use, please contact us.